Tuesday, June 14, 2011

They ain't no blue suede shoes.

Day 2 of the photo challenge is to take a picture of your favorite shoes. Te presento a ti: 

Here's why these are my favorites:
a) They were something like 20 bucks at Target.
b) I got them a half size bigger than normal and stuck Dr. Scholl's in 'em so they're secretly comfortable.
c) I'm about 5'9" when I wear them, so I can tower over everyone and stomp around like Godzilla. Until I see a picture of me in them with anyone else and realize I look like....well, like Godzilla towering over everyone. 

I need to go to a fabric store so I can start my next project. It's another dress, but it's just a regular ol' Simplicity pattern (not one designed by an evil sea witch-ahem Cynthia Rowley ahem). The only potential issue is it's going to be made from a stretchy knit, and all I've ever sewn with is straight-up cotton. But I've gotta learn somehow. 

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