Friday, April 8, 2011

What I'm up to...

Just a couple random things I thought I'd share.

  1. I've had a rough week. Yesterday, especially, was terrible (mostly due to a What-Am-I-Doing-With-My-Life Freakout of epic, unprecedented proportions). Today I'm feeling much better, due mostly to the fact that I had Sonic for dinner. If Sonic were a person, we'd already be married. I wouldn't even care what Sonic looked like. And anyone who criticized our relationship....I'd just tell them, "Sonic makes me happier than anyone else ever could! What we have is speciaaaaaaaal!" And that would be that.

  2. I'm working on the thrift store shirt, but it's a rather....labor-intensive project, so that'll be coming soon.

  3. I solved the national deficit. It wasn't even that hard.

    "Simmer down, Mr. President. A 20 year old girl from Virginia figured it all out."

     Go here if you want to balance the budget yourself. It's pretty nifty (then again, I'm also a nerd, so what I think is nifty...may not be).

  4. I let Stephen use a seam-ripper. And then immediately thought "I should never have children, I'll just let them play with matches." Later I found that he had left it on my bed with the cap off, waiting to rip me up in my sleep.

  5.  I stayed in Richmond this weekend almost exclusively based on the fact that there's going to be a petting zoo in Monroe Park tomorrow for the Intercultural Festival. Like I said, I've had a rough week. I  need some cute farm animals in my life. More specifically, I need this in my life:

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  1. I did it with most of my cuts (83%) just on spending. Damn government spending all my money. You ain't raising my taxes! You will understand this when you get a paycheck and realize that half of it goes to some old person who pissed away their savings on whiskey and prostitutes when theres not even going to be social security for us. Or it went to some "poor" person thats churing out children faster than a sweat shop assembly line and getting my money to pay for their pot and excessively long nails. Or it goes to congress members who decide they are rockstars and need private jets to get around, but then say we need to live greener. Thank you, I am off my soapbox. Love you!