Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring break!

Well, supposedly spring. It definitely felt like summer today though. I mean, 70 degrees in March is Mother Nature feeling a touch of Spring Fever. 84 degrees and she's drunk at the thermostat. At least the animals seem to like it. Here's all the critters I saw today:

Snickety snakes! I know a lot of people get really freaked out by snakes, but I'm usually fine with them, as long as they're a good distance from me and not moving towards me. Within those parameters I can appreciate that they're kind of cool. 

Fishies! Lots and lots of fishies.

Frogs! I love frogs. They're so strange. Like tiny little dinosaurs that just decided "Eh, being a dinosaur was cool but I think I'll try just sitting around all day in the sun eating bugs now."

Turtles! This dude is fabulous. He's just sitting here all "Damn it feels good to be a gangsta." (Sidenote: I'm starting to think my imaginations of animal conversations are getting to a weird point. Today I was sure the cows were discussing climate change.)

Robins, of course.

Lots of geese....this one was chillin' in her nest, doing the whole "I'm a bird" thing. 

I caught this guy right after he fought another bird for this spot. You can tell, too. He's giving me tough-guy eye. 

 And finally a.....mockingbird? Possibly? I'm not great at bird identification. 

So there you go! That's what I do with my time. Take pictures of animals and narrate their lives with imaginary conversations. Complete with foreign accents. (Snakes are Italian, Turtles are French. I don't know why.) 

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