Monday, March 14, 2011

Delicious things I have made lately...

These are the most delicious mashed potatoes I have ever tasted. You  mash 'em up as usual, then add butter, sour cream, and....cream cheese. Which struck me as totally weird when I read it in the recipe, but ended up being delicious. Then you add cheese and bacon and green onions to the top and cook it until it's all melty and delicious. Then you open the oven and faint because it smells so goooood.

I also made marshmallows (in accordance with my Spring Break Plan). They were pretty darn good. Much softer and fluffier than store-bought marshmallows. But prepare to be underwhelmed by the picture, in which they look like blocks of tofu. Or mozzarella. Or cream cheese. Or anything BUT marshmallows. You'll just have to take my word for it: they're marshmallows, and they're tasty.

In unrelated/upcoming posts type news: I've gone blonde (like, SUPER blonde), I have new glasses on the way (yay! I'm gonna look like Buddy Holly, but... pretty), and I'm working on a new dress (white, cottony, flowery, and generally gorgeous).  

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