Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sick sick sick....but productive!....ish.

So, as the title implies, I'm still sick. But today it's just an achey, sneezy, sniffly, hit by a truck kind of sick. I'm sure anyone who saw me at Kroger today knew I was sick, too, judging by the fact that I bought tissues and ice cream. Priorities, you know. Only the essentials. 

I'm weird about tissues. When I'm sick, I HAVE to have the Puffs Plus with Lotion. Otherwise my nose gets all sad and scratchy, and then I'll be miserable forever and ever. Seriously. But I can never find those in the travel packs, so I decided I'd just make my own travel pack! 

Which also conveniently doubles as a pillow for a mouse.

Which is something we all need to keep on hand, of course. Mice love naps. 

I took a "nap" for several hours today. I use the term loosely because I think if you sleep for more than a few hours, it's not a nap anymore. You just went back to bed. But I felt like the universe wanted me to, since my second morning class of the day was cancelled (Fairly certain it was all the good karma I've been working on finally making it's way back around to me). 

Anyway, I'll just be getting back to today's scheduled activities of laying in bed watching cartoons and feeling icky until tonight's class now. 

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