Monday, February 14, 2011

Nothing exciting to post today, but I have a good excuse.

The excuse being that I haven't done anything, because most of the day I was pretty positive I was dying, I've been so sick. We're talkin "can't get out of bed without hurling, feverish delusions, sleeping through several "Are you alive?" texts, waking myself up crying because everything hurt so bad" kind of sick. 

Stephen was nice enough to bring me a smoothie, which helped. Finally managed to get some ibuprofen down, too. Still not going to class though. I refuse to risk passing on whatever's chewing on my insides to someone else. 

I was totally fine as of 11 last night, too. So hopefully I'll get better as quickly as I got sick, and tomorrow I'll be all better. Fingers crossed!

PS: The whole "I may die from this" thing aside, the worst part is that I straightened my hair last night for nothing. Oh well. 

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