Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The weirdos....they love me.

Almost as soon as I stepped outside my apartment building today, a strange lady stopped me. You  know what she said to me? You won't even believe me.  She said "I like your dress....and your small feet." 

Seriously. My feet. Not my shoes. My feet. What

Now, I'm used to getting some pretty strange comments on the street, but that was a new one even for me. I was caught completely off guard, too, because the dress part is all normal, then BAM WEIRD FOOT COMMENT AHH! 

Now I'm feeling strangely self-conscious of my feet.

In the interest of providing a visual to go with this fun story, here's what I'm wearing today:

"Is it true, feet? Are you small?"

Bright side, I broke down and bought cold medicine today. I have high hopes of being able to breathe through my nose soon, or maybe get a full night of sleep, even. I'm shootin' for the stars here. 

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