Monday, January 24, 2011

Jeans Rebooted

Yesterday's project was to take a pair of jeans from unwearably flared (I can't help it. The Richmond Hipster in me rejects flare in all its forms) to a nice straight leg. In theory all that entails is pinning the jeans where you want them to taper...

I did this part inside out, thinking it would make things easier, which it....didn't. PS please excuse my gross winter-white feet. 

Then, according to my theory, I could just sew right along that. Only that leaves a weird pooch where the original seam folds out. Hrm. So I had to go back and take my trusty seam-ripper to the entire leg, then put in a new inseam. Then...ta-da! Wearable pants! Yaaay!

Overall, I'd call it a success. A little more time consuming than I had anticipated, but then that tends to be how these things go for me; I always underestimate how long my projects are going to take. 

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