Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kitty Boos...

I found this little cutie patootie curled up in a corner of my apartment's parking garage Friday night, making sad, scared kitten noises.

Mind you, it's only 14 degrees outside right now. And I saw a foot long rat (no lie) in that same parking garage the day before. So I couldn't just leave him there. As soon as I touched him, he climbed into my arms and started purring. Oh no. Attachment forming. Now, if I could keep him, I would have. In a heartbeat. But our apartment only allows cats if you pay some absurd sum every month that, frankly, would push our rent from "maybe a little high for what it's really worth" into "hummina hummina how much for this craphole?"

Luckily, after posting on facebook about it, a friend offered to keep him for the weekend while I made fliers and posted on craigslist to see if someone was looking for sweet little Senor Kittypants. 

And, naturally, the little devil immediately won everyone's heart, and now that friend wants to keep Kitty Boos for good if no one claims him. 

I'm glad he's in a safe, warm place getting snuggles and all, but also totally heartbroken that I couldn't keep him myself. I just think about coming home from a crappy day of classes and having such a cute little booger to hold....

Ah! No! Not attached! Not at all! He...he sheds anyway.

Aww, he wants to eat the lens cap.....Excuse me while I go cry for a million years.

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