Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's amazing...

Less than two weeks into school and I'm already way behind. Probably because I really don't give two hoots about most of my classes. I hate that so much of college is taking the classes you MUST take to get the degree that you MUST earn that won't even help you get a job these days. Le sigh. At least tomorrow I don't have classes until the evening, and it's supposed to be a rainy day, so I'm sure to get some things done, and hopefully have something more interesting to post. 

I whipped up a flannel sleep shirt out of some cute fabric printed with cookies and milk last night, but didn't get around to taking any pictures. All the same...it's essentially just a giant shirt. You can imagine. 

EDIT: Updated to add this picture of the cookies and milk flannel, because I felt bad about publishing a post with no pictures. 

Ta-da! Couldn't even  be buggered to take it off my body to take a picture. It's super comfy. Like wearing a sack made of softness.

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