Monday, September 14, 2015

So how's Georgia? PEACHY. Get it? Because...peaches...? Sorry.

So I moved! Oh wait, let me back it up a second. I got married! Following the age-old adage of "pics or it didn't happen," allow me to prove to everyone that this handsome fool was actually silly enough to marry me. I know, I don't get it either. 

Look how cute we are! Gross. Anyway, so we got married on July 18th, went on a glaaahrious honeymoon to Cancun, and moved down to Augusta, Georgia a month later. It was kind of a pain to be married and still living apart for a month, but, you know. Sacrifices for love and all that good stuff. 

And now we're (mostly) settled in! I've only been here about a month but I'm already loving the area. Everything I could possibly want--grocery store, movie theater, bookstores, even a shopping mall--is a five minute drive from home. And if we're feeling REAL crazy and drive a whopping fifteen minutes, we can be in downtown Augusta, which has tons of local shops, restaurants, and cool things to check out.

The actual task of making this apartment feel like home has been a trial at times, but I'd call our place maybe....85% done? We haven't tackled the second bedroom yet; it's going to be used mostly as an office, but we're planning to custom-build a desk that will go all along one wall and have enough room for both of us to have our own workspaces. It'll require some work, not to mention a two-hour drive each way to Ikea for the parts. But that's a post all its own! Beyond the office, all we really have left is small things, like finding cool art to put on the walls, and functional nightstands so we don't have to sleep with a little pile of books and glasses and phones in the bed.

Now that things are starting to quiet down and I'm establishing some sense of a routine, I'm ready to get back into posting here. I think I'll shoot for two posts a week; maybe some combination of Monday or Tuesday and Thursday or Friday. I know I've been...sporadic, at best, for quite a while now, but sometimes you just have to focus on your life so the important things don't pass you by. Hopefully you'll stick around to see what happens next! Well, I can tell you what happens next. I post some pictures and fun tales of the new place, later this week. Spoiler, I guess? See you there! 

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