Wednesday, August 6, 2014


     Basically what we have here is me forgetting that it was Tuesday, and on Tuesdays I generally write a post for Wednesday, until like 2:00 am Wednesday morning. Oooops. So upon realizing that I had nothing planned, I flipped through pictures on my phone looking for something mildly interesting to show you. And look! A pie I made but never told you about! So sneaky of me. Such stealth. At least I think I never told you about it? If I did just pretend I didn't. Not like having to look at pie more than once is a huge inconvenience anyway, right?

     It was even more amazing than it looks, if I'm honest. Like I made it for a cookout at Jen's house, but then regretted not just making it and keeping it all to myself. That good. 

     HERE is the recipe I used if you want to make it yourself (and I do recommend that you do. Only for yourself though. Sharing is overrated). 

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