Monday, July 7, 2014

What even?

     I've been having kind of a creative block so I thought I'd check the folder I have on my computer where I put things that I can't stop thinking about late at night. Supposedly it's good to get them down somewhere because then your brain can rest easy knowing you can pick it up another time. Except... I can't, because what even is this? Why was I so upset about this that I had to get it all out before I could sleep? Direct quote:
"I legitimately thought the lyrics to the Raffi "Peanut Butter Sandwich" song were "Peanut butter sandwich made with jam/ one for me and one for Uncle Sam" for the longest time. Like, whole life longest time. From childhood until a few months ago when Jen got the cd to play for the babies. I guess I just thought it was a cheery little pro-tax propaganda piece telling kids "hey, if you're making a sandwich make sure you make one for Uncle Sam, too, cause that's your civic duty." Now I find out it's actually "one for me and one for David Amram," who is...a composer, I guess? He didn't compose that song, that's for damn sure, so I'm not sure why he's in it. Now I don't know how to feel about it. When I thought we were making an extra sandwich for Uncle Sam I was kind of ok with it, like yeah it's kind of a pain but if you give Uncle Sam a peanut butter sandwich (made with jam) he will reciprocate with funding for roads and schools, and hey that's a pretty ok deal. But this David Amram, what has he done for me lately? What has he done to merit a sandwich? Why would I just make him one for no reason? Because Raffi tells me to? If Raffi told me to jump off a bridge, would I? I mean, MAYBE? I think I only brush my teeth so obsessively because he told me to in a catchy tune, and my propensity for sharing definitely has a direct link back to that song I still hear every time someone looks at a soda or food item and says "Whose is this?" and I answer "It's mine. But you can have some." And that's all well and good I guess, you use your sorcery for good, Raffi. But I'm not making David Amram a sandwich. I don't even know him." 

So... yeah, next time maybe let's not go scraping the bottom of the barrel for inspiration. There is sticky weirdness down there.

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