Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

     Yesterday was my birthday! Here for your perusal is a selection of some of the super fantastical, ex-ter-a magical, really spectacular presents! (If you didn't read that in sing-song please try again.)

     So this happened. Basically the culmination of everything I hold dear in this life.

     And these happened! The Victoria's Secret cotton Mayfair pajamas, because they are my favorite jimjams in the whole wide world. I dunno man, wearing a matching pj set makes me feel like I have my life together somehow. Also they're really comfy and lightweight. I don't know why I took that picture like I melted out of them Beetlejuice style. It just felt right. 

     Also, HARRY POTTER BRACELET. That's all I really feel needs saying there. Also there's glitter all over my hands because I am actually a pixie I was swatching sparkly eyeshadow. Yes, that's it. (No but it is.) 

     And this perfume, which smells like vanilla and sunshine and freedom! And is rather ironically named for me because one thing I will never be is anything approaching bronze. But "pasty goddess" probably wouldn't move too well, so let's just ignore that. 

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