Monday, April 7, 2014

Oh yes it's '80s night, and the feelin's right.

     So remember on Friday how I said I'd be doing something silly and taking pictures for you to laugh at over the weekend? Well Saturday was '80s night at a local bar, so me and Amanda got gussied up in our flashback finery and headed on over. She kind of put me to shame with her outfit (Jem and the Holograms sweatshirt, graphic print leggings, neon jellies, CRIMPED HAIR and neon makeup) but I think I still held my own (high waisted "mom" jeans turned shorty shorts, My Little Pony t-shirt with the old ponies, before they made them all skinny and weird [was disturbed to discover I own not one, not two, but THREE My Little Pony shirts -- what is my life], suspenders, pink high-tops, vintage earrings, and...well, for '80s hair I realized I didn't actually have to do anything different, since huge hair flipped to the side is my day-to-day look. That was...unsettling, but whatever. 

I like how we look like the day and night or good and evil versions of each other. That's a pretty accurate description of us, actually. 
     Here's a classic early 2000s style bathroom mirror selfie for you, just to throw an extra decade of nostalgia in there and show you my outfit. I guess I was going for more casual Teen Vogue '80s than Amanda's glam-rock '80s. Probably cause I'm lazy and didn't want to have to buy anything new for this outfit. You can kind of tell, too, because I could go out like this in Richmond and no one would even bat an eye. 

     And of course I would be cheating you all if I didn't share a shot of the majesty that was Amanda's outfit. 

     It is a thing to behold. Finally, let me just show you one last cool thing: 

     Glowing drinks! This one is Amanda's (if you couldn't tell from the crazy leggings at the bottom of the picture), since I don't really drink much anymore so I always volunteer for designated driver. It's not a moral thing, so don't worry, I'm not about to lecture you about the evils of alcohol, it's just that deep down I'm a little old lady and I'd rather sip on a ginger ale, have a nice time, then go home and wash my face and watch Golden Girls and check on my Animal Crossing town than go out and get drunk, then feel crappy the next day (and I always do when I drink even a little -- as my anxiety got worse over the years it gave me a weak stomach, so anything that makes me even slightly nauseated, I avoid like the plaaaague). Plus when Amanda gets drunk it's really humorous, so I like to be sober so I can clearly remember all the hilarious stuff she does and then tell everyone about it later (I'm a good friend). 

     Anyway, it was a pretty good use of a Saturday night, if for no other reason than I won Redneck Bingo pretty much the second I got out of the car (welcome to the country, folks).

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