Monday, March 24, 2014

Gold on the Ceiling...Ok, tin but whatever.

     Check. Out. What my dad put up in the kitchen this weekend. 

     This epicness is the new tin ceiling. It's super fancy and historical looking and makes me feel like I should pop on a monocle and drink tea from fancy china with my pinkie out. It only took a day and a half-ish to install, probably because my pops is superhuman and never runs out of energy, so he just works and works and works until everything's done. I did not inherit that trait. I'll work until I feel like I've made a good amount of progress, then spend ten minutes googling videos of goats jumping or whatever before I feel refreshed enough to start up again. I have methods, don't judge. Anyway, we're all basically colonial-president-level fancy around here these days.

     The tiles are from American Tin Ceilings, and they were pretty pricey, but it's something my mom has wanted for a long time, ever since seeing all the gorgeous old tin ceilings in Downtown Fredericksburg. Plus you just send them the measurements of your room and they draw out all the plans for you, so that's nice. There's lots of other really beautiful options, too (go here if you fancy a looky-loo). These are the 24 inch tiles, so they're not too small and busy or anything like that (although I think small tiles could be cool in the right room, or even as a backsplash). 

     So next time you're thinking "Hey, I need my house to look at least 30% more like a set from Downton Abbey," maybe a tin ceiling is the answer! 

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