Monday, February 17, 2014

It's curtains for you, my pretty!

     I dunno, sometimes I like to indulge my inner weird-guy-with-a-curly-moustache-tying-someone-to-a-train-track. Whatevs. 

     But to get to my point, now that we've got the puns and wordplay portion of the day out of the way, I finally found new curtains! You may recall me whining about how I couldn't find any I liked anywhere on the whole internet. Well, I finally did! I ended up going with one of the first options I looked at: the Ikea Ritva curtains in white. They're a nice medium weight (so, thick enough to block a little cold, but thin enough to not block much light) with a faux-linen texture, and they came in a nice, super-long 96" option that only ran me about fifty dollars. Total. For both windows. Yeah, that's a bargain. I wanted extra long curtains so they could be hung extra high and be the height of the room. Home decorate-y types always say that makes your rooms look taller and grander, and damn if they weren't right. Granted, part of the effect comes from the curtains being white (vs. the dark blue I had before), which will obviously make the room feel more open than a dark color. But it makes quite a difference to the feel of the room; it feels bigger, more grand, and brighter. But enough blathering, let's look at pictures at different times of day because I was overly-enthusiastic and, as a result, perhaps a bit over-thorough!

     Here's the morning (complete with cat-butt) shot, where you can see what I mean about how these curtains still let in lots of light. 

     Here's a late-ish afternoon picture, mostly just because this is my favorite time of day to be in my room. It's all cozy-feeling and warmly lit and delightful and I like to take my naps this time of day. What, I'm secretly a granny, ok? 

     And here's just after sunset, when I think the tallifying effect of the longer curtains is most noticeable in person. 

     Regardless of time of day, I'm really happy with how a simple curtain-swap changed the whole feeling of the room. I seriously spent at least ten minutes the night they went up just staring at them and smiling to myself in satisfaction. Is that weird? Nah, right? It's fine. It'll be fine. 

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