Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A hair post that isn't about me!

     As much as I like to talk about my own hair, today let's do a little before and after action of someone else's: my sister Amanda! She's been wanting to dye her hair dark purple like Katy Perry (her life-idol) for a while. Like this...

     And apparently yesterday she got express approval from her boss that it would be fine. So she decided to go for it! (A note to my mother, to whom this will probably be news: she decided on her own, don't blame my influence here. I just helped, cause if you're gonna do it, might as well do it right. Having fun in Florida? Feeling like we can't be trusted when left alone? I love you!) Having gone through a rainbow of funky hair colors myself, I had some useful insight in the area. Since her hair was already mostly naturally dark, with some ombre blonde at the ends, layering purple over it would result in the color being very subtle at the top (since it's obviously not going to come out neon when put over dark dark brown) and a bit brighter at the bottom (where the hair is lighter and a bit more porous, which makes it better equipped to grab onto color). But she didn't want to commit to a style that she might change her mind about any minute, so we decided on Manic Panic, which, as anyone who has used it will know, is kind of harder to keep in than to wash out. That way it would be bright and fun for a bit, but easily faded with clarifying shampoo or hot oil treatments should she get sick of it. Low commitment! The other benefit is that since Manic Panic is just a vegetable dye, it wouldn't damage her lovely silky Barbie hair at all. But enough blabbering. Here's the before and after!

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