Friday, October 11, 2013


     Ok, so the method I was testing for my Zuul, it works. 

What's scarier, my hair or the fact that I'm so pale I'm practically the same color as the wall? And there's no filter on this picture, either. I'm just naturally spooky. 

     Yeah, that's easily the biggest my hair's ever been. Basically all I did was cut an old t-shirt into small strips and tie approximately one million teensy little rag curls in my hair, then leave it overnight. It took a really long time to tie the rag curls in, but I think the results speak for themselves. I could sleep literally anywhere with this hair, for my head had a built-in pillow. I could hold small objects in there with no assistance -- car keys, ID, maybe a granola bar. 

     I'll definitely be using this method for Halloween. Hopefully next time I can get someone to help me tie in all those curls though -- my arms got tired by the end!

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