Friday, July 19, 2013

Project fail -- with compensatory kittens!

     I had a major project failure yesterday. The plan was to cut out a styrofoam letter and cover it in faux flowers as a decorative sit-around-and-look-nice type deal. Only I realized as I was sticking the last flowers in that somewhere along the way it had veered tragically in the direction of gravestone decoration. My realization was confirmed when Amanda walked in and said "That looks like you're gonna put it on a grave." An appropriate observation, because that project was dead. I wasn't too terribly upset about it because the flowers were on a massive 80% sale, so they only cost me about five dollars, and I was going to use them for SOMETHING anyway, I just didn't know what yet. 

     I tried to brainstorm other project ideas whilst I sat on my floor petting Bessie and eating a zebra cake (a purring cat + Little Debbie = ultimate stress reducer), but I couldn't think of anything I really wanted to do with those flowers. So I decided to go the obvious route. I shoved them into a big glass head. 

Any time you read something on this blog and think "Ok, that's just super weird, I'm gonna assume she's kidding," don't. Don't assume that.
     Why do I have a big glass head just sitting around? Because I'm strange, and I saw it in the store and thought "yes, this represents who I am as a person," and brought it home. I DUNNO OK. I just like it. The heart wants what the heart wants, and my heart wanted a big glass head to sit around freaking people out. And now it's full of flowers. Does that make it more or less creepy? I dunno. On the one hand, it adds another level of "why" to equation, but on the other, maybe I can pass it off as an artistic statement about how my head is full of flowers because I'm so damn whimsical. 

You gotta admit, it adds something to the layout. Whether that something is style or screaming nightmares is up for debate.
     Anyway, after that catastrophe of a project, here is some gratuitous kitten action to make this post worth your while. These little kitty orphans were brought to the veterinary hospital Amanda works at, and they need to be bottle fed for a little while until they're bigger and stronger. So she brought them home for the night to snuggle them up in a heated blanket and feed them kitty-Gatorade every few hours. 

     Alright, now I have to run screaming from my laptop because they're so cute I'm gonna die. 

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