Wednesday, July 31, 2013


     I'm gonna keep the intro to this super short: I love Adventure Time (it's a cartoon, in case you're better at being an adult than me and don't watch cartoons anymore). I love it enough to advertise my love on a pair of shoes. Those shoes are not hypothetical. These are those shoes. 

     Now for the details. I painted these with acrylic paint. I chose BMO for the front of the right shoe, Lumpy Space Princess for the front of the left, Finn and Jake for the outside panels, and the simple grass from the closing credits for the inside panels. The only one I'm not 100% satisfied with is Jake, and I may yet go back and fix that panel, but I finished these super late and couldn't bring myself to take it on yet. I may also just leave it as is, because I'm no perfectionist, and let's be honest: they're a pair of cheapie Walmart shoes, I'm going to destroy them with wear anyway. In the morning (the actual morning, not the super-late-at-night-technically-morning-hour that I'm writing this at) I'll take a Magic Eraser to the parts of the white soles that got paint on them to clean them up a bit, and put the laces back in, of course. 

     But for now, I'm gonna go have myself some Adventure Time themed dreams. 

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