Monday, May 13, 2013

Big Bessie

     I guess it had to happen eventually: my descent into crazy cat lady territory has begun. Through a series of twisted and wacky events, I came into possession of a cat this weekend. It was only supposed to be for the weekend (it truly is a long and nonsensical story, so I won't bother telling it) but I couldn't help it. I got attached. She needed a good stable home and love and snuggles and kitty treats (not too many kitty treats though...there's a reason I named her Big Bessie) and I needed a snuggly fuzzy thing to squeak at me whenever I talk to her. 

     She's settling in really nicely, making herself at home...

     That's what I like best about her: as long as she has a window to look out, somebody to scratch her chin, and some food, she's happy. Oh, and the food part is really important. Gotta maintain her ahem...girlish figure.

     Yup. That silhouette. Yikes.

     Anyway, I just thought I should warn you all that this is what my life is now. Having conversations with my cat and laughing hysterically to myself whenever I catch her making one of these faces.

     Looket that face. More importantly, look at the dribble of water on the chin. And the kitty toy (her pink feathery mouse/bird, which quickly became her favorite) that I threw at her, she missed, didn't even NOTICE that it landed on her back, and it stayed there for honestly, hand-to-heart, FIVE WHOLE MINUTES. Five minutes of walking around the room and drinking water and everything, not just sitting still. Talent, she has it. 

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