Monday, April 29, 2013

Quick Fixes: Dress Reclamation (That doesn't sound like a real word, but it totally is, trust me)

     So I had this dress that I really wanted to be able to wear this spring and summer because it is TOTALLY a Game of Thrones dress. Vibrant blue and drapey and floor length. But it also had a series of...issues, let's say, around the neckline. This is because I once had a comedy of errors in trying to make it slightly less cleave-a-licious. Basically, I was young and foolish (this was like, a year ago. How I've grown!), I thought I could simply stick a safety pin in there. Alas, because the dress is a jersey-ish material, it just made holes in it, and I felt like I had ruined the dress. So then I thought "Ah, I know! I'll fold the edge inward to hide the holes, glue it with that liquid-stitch stuff, and no one will be the wiser!" Guess how that worked out? It bled through to the other side, further ruining the front of the dress.

     But no more! I finally dragged it out of its storage box home and decided I would re-animate it with the simple addition of some pretty trim to cover all those missteps from a past life. Which took the dress from this...

Waaaah, sad holes and glue spots!

     To this...
Yaaay, sparkly shiny grecian delightfulness! I had a hard time getting the clingy fabric to fall right on the dress form, could you tell?

     Now in the interest of full disclosure, this is not the quickest of quick fixes I've ever done, because I wanted to do it right (and avoid having a third mishap in my seemingly endless quest to accidentally destroy this dress) so I sewed it on by hand. With clear thread. I swear to you, if I ever get the job of Activities Director in Hell, on Thursdays we will hand-sew things with clear thread. It's finicky and tangly and weird and makes me feel like I'm sewing with a strand of hair from Dumbledore's beard. But the tedium was worth it to bring this dress back to its former glory.

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