Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Accessory overload, Part II

     I'm back with more thrown-together jewelry! This has been a super fun mini-project for me, since it justifies my hoarding of small shiny objects AND results in me having more accessory options. Double win!

Piece #1: Chain Reaction ring
     (In that it is chain, and my reaction is "Ooh, pretty!")
     Cobbled together from: A broken piece of an old necklace that I've had for years. I think I have a matching bracelet somewhere too, so this works out well. 

     All I had to do for this one was take out some jump rings on either side of the clear piece that made it sit a little funny on my finger, then connect the chain on either side to make it a continuous ring. Here's what I started out with, in case you're curious:

Piece #2: Ring around the Knuckle... Ring
      (Puns are gettin' a little labored here, I'll admit.)
     Cobbled together from: Wire. Just wire. Sometimes laziness works well enough. 

     When you've been making as many rings as I have lately, you have to expand your ring real estate onto other knuckles. This is simple, but matches a lot of my other rings for convenient layering purposes. 

Piece #3: Fight for your Pyrite to Party ring
     Cobbled together from: a chunk of pyrite, a ring base. 

     This was the one I had to go to the craft store for. I had ring bases sitting around, but this little piece of pyrite is seriously so pretty, it just deserved something a little nicer (something that won't turn my skin green, maybe? I know, reach for the stars!). So I picked up a sterling silver base for it and slapped it on with some epoxy, in my usual method. I wore it today with the two small heart stacking rings you see there in the picture. I think those were supposed to be a "give one to a friend, keep one for yourself" type deal, but pshh I'm a great friend to myself, so I kept both. 

     So that's what I've been decorating myself with lately! It's been good to use some of the things I've been holding onto for a while and turn them into wearable pieces. 

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