Monday, March 11, 2013

"Baby Harry Potter would totally want to live here."

     My oldest sister is going to have twins a few months down the line, which if you know me in real life (or you're her -- hi, Jennie!), you'll already know because I'll have excitedly prattled on about how stoked I am to be an auntie in your presence. And about the design plans for the nursery. It's going to have a Harry Potter theme, and I've been enlisted to help plan it all out since I have a good "mind's eye" for such things and can easily envision the finished product. But I can't just keep my decorating visions in my head -- no one will ever see them there.

     So I've been playing around with Sweethome 3D, a room planning/3D modeling application that lets you customize everything to your liking, then create a virtual walkthrough. I considered using Google Sketchup, which is even more customizable, but it also seems to have rather a steep learning curve (tangential note: Did you know that the way we use "steep learning curve" is technically incorrect? Most people use it to mean "difficult," when in reality it's a curve of time vs. proficiency or aptitude, so a steep curve would mean you could become very good at something in very little time. I guess "shallow learning curve" just doesn't sound as threatening?), and I didn't feel ready to totally immerse myself in learning how to use it. Maybe some day.

     Anyway, I thought I'd share the latest and most accurate (according to the ideas being thrown around, that is. Accurate according to its current reality would be A: useless, and B: very boring, as it is currently an empty white room) version of the walkthrough for your perusal.

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