Friday, March 8, 2013

America is England's Bratty Teenaged Child

     A conversation (about who will end up making it to space and other planets and junk, one day far in the future) that happened today:

Me: I would think that's how it'd happen, anyway. America and China, last two superpowers standing.

Amanda: Maybe Europe.

Me: Ehhh, I dunno.

Amanda: Well we'd take them with us, anyway. England at least.

Me: But France, no way. We'd jet off, all, "YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN, FRENCHIES!" You're probably right about England though, we'd take them. We tight with England. It's funny how we're all buddy-buddy with them now when just, like, 200 years ago we were all "EEEENGLAAAAND!"

Amanda: Yeah, but they were only hard on us because they cared.

Me: Sure, "We only oppress you because we love you!" "Leave us alone, Britain, we know what we're doing! We don't need you!" We're the bratty teenaged child of England, aren't we?

Amanda: Oh my God, we are.

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