Friday, February 15, 2013

I'm so tired I think I might be dead.

     I spent almost the entire day yesterday cooking, which, as you know from my last post, was not part of the plan. But I woke up with an converge...ingredients into something tasty. I dunno, I really wanted that to rhyme. Just roll with it. 

     So I made "turtles" for Amanda, because she specifically requested them (they're "turtles" instead of turtles because they're actually just chunks of peanuts held together with chocolate. "Don't you want caramel, and a fancier kind of nut?" I says to her, I says. "No. Peanuts and chocolate" she answers. So here we are).

     Then I made chocolate covered molasses candies, because they're my favorite kind of Valentine's Day candy, but they don't always even put them in the heart-shaped boxes anymore. I guess I'm the only one who likes them. Which is a shame, because I have approximately four thousand of them now, and I should like to give some away. They took forever to make, too. I spent such a long time standing over a bubbling pot of goo, trying to get it to precisely the right temperature, that I started to think I was at Hogwarts. 

     Then I made Thai peanut noodles because man cannot live on sweets alone, and it was dinnertime anyway. They were amazing. I've tried and failed to make peanut noodles in the past, because if you leave the sauce on the burner for just a hair too long, it turns to a weird paste that will have the completely wrong texture and ruin your whole meal, as well as probably your entire life. Pay attention to your peanut sauce, people. It can make or break you. 

     Then I looked around the kitchen at the mess I had made and sang "what have I done? What have I done?" all mournfully. 


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