Friday, February 8, 2013

Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share!

     Except what needed cleaning up was my closet, so it was all my share. I figured that since I'm finally not a miserable hormonal mess anymore, I know, actually do something. So I'd have something to post about besides insomnia fueled sketches of mythical hybrid creatures (hey, I do this for free. They can't all be winners). And I also figured "Who doesn't love a good before and after?" So (brace yourselves, I warn you) here's what my closet looked like before: 

Before, although apparently after some sort of apocalyptic event. Are you horrified yet? I kind of am. If it eases your mind any, know that that is all CLEAN laundry on the floor.
Behind the door, where I hide my secret stash of Play-Doh, and anything else that will fit there.

     Yikes, right? Full disclosure: when I took the first picture off my camera, I honestly couldn't even tell which way was up at first. The main reason my closet gets so messy is because I honestly have too many clothes, and I only actually wear maybe 50% of them (the other reason being that I have a bunch of stuff from college stored in there, just takin' up space). So when I go to put clothes away, I end up just dropping them in the floor in exasperation because there's no room for them in my dresser. I needed to be ruthless and get rid of the things I don't wear, instead of just convincing myself "Oh, but I might wear it some day!" After three hours of paring down, hanging up, folding, organizing, and being generally miserable, not to mention three bags of stuff gone, here's how it looks.

I have a floor! Who knew!
To anyone who was feeling like they might criticize me for still having too many hair products: I have curly hair. You know not my plight.   

     I know there are a lot of people to whom my after pictures would still seem too cluttered, but let's be real here: no space that I am in charge of maintaining is ever going to look like it belongs in an IKEA catalog. I have a lot of stuff, and until I have a place of my own to spread all that stuff around, things are gonna be a little cluttered. But at least now everything is in a logical place and semi-organized. 

     I also did a little sprucing up in my bedroom for spring, so let's just toss that in here too because, why not? More stuff to look at! Hooray, looking at stuff!

     On zees side of ze room, I stuck a bunch of fake (don't tell anyone, but I actually can't afford to keep fresh roses over my windows at all times) pink roses atop the curtains to make them a little less dark and wintry and depressing, then hung up a $1.99 heart-shaped plate from Target that tickled my fancy. I know this set-up looks awfully Valentine's Day...y. Day-y? Day-esque? I dunno. But that's the weird relationship I have with Valentine's Day: I hate the day itself for being sappy and bringing with it so many commercials that make me feel feelings, but I sort of love the decor. Everything's heart shaped! A dream come true! Anyway, the association doesn't bother me much, and I figure as soon as the holiday's over and everyone has immediately forgotten about it, it won't seem so...thematic. 

     Meanwhile, on ze ozzer side of ze room:

     Ok, try and tell me those pink puffball things are not the most delightful thing you have seen in...a time. They're so Dr. Suess that I can barely contain my urge to rhyme (but I will). They just make me happy. 

     So that's what I've accomplished lately! It may not seem like much, but it beats laying in bed all day. (Just kidding, laying in bed all day is the best.)

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