Friday, January 18, 2013

Skeleton dress: finished!

     Hooray, the skeleton dress is officially done! Here's the finished result, plus a number of gratuitous detail shots because why not.

      Accessorized with -of course- my bow belt, which I wear with literally every dress I own. 

     Here are some close-ups of the nice piping at the neckline and the sleeves (also a good opportunity for you to get uncomfortably familiar with my armhairs. Whatever man, we're related to monkeys). Full disclosure: I did the piping on the neckline once, thought I did such a good job, then found a place where the serging on the other side had rolled a bit and was visible from the outside. This was on...Sunday, I think, aka the day that I was in a really rotten mood because I had fallen down the stairs the day before, so my butt and my pride were hurting. You know what's surprisingly not a good thing to work on when you're already in a rotten mood and feel your temper shortening every second? A hobby that's really easy to screw up and involves a high probability of stabbing your fingers repeatedly with pins. Don't sew on a bad day. Maybe work on perfecting your waffle recipe instead or something. So, long story short, I was really upset about my perfect neckline piping not actually being perfect, so my mom took it out and redid it for me to keep me from jumping out the window, breaking my legs on impact and becoming a burden on my family. Thanks Mom!

     And here we have a detail shot of the zipper, purely because I was proud of how well it lined up at the top. Zippers are pretty tricky (for mere beginners like myself, at least), so if the zipper pull doesn't end up on the inside I'm usually pretty happy. When I actually get it lined up nicely so I don't end up having to put a hook and eye at the top though, it's like sprinkles on the cake (I'd say icing on the cake, but a cake without icing is not a cake, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise).

     And finally, because I felt weirdly obligated to include a picture of the dress on my actual person but have been loafing around in my biggest glasses and not wearing any eye makeup in preparation for my LASIK procedure and thus did not want to include a picture of my makeup-less face for permanent internet documentation at this juncture in my life, here is a suspiciously cropped picture of me in the dress. 

     Now with bonus 50% more weird pee-dance-stance that makes it look like I might only have one weirdly angled leg! I am so good at blogging (no). 

     So there you go, it's all over! On to the next project!


  1. This is great! Your projects are adding a lot of weight to the "if I want to learn to sew I should probably bite the bullet and buy a freaking sewing machine" column of my life.

  2. Oh I SO recommend it! Sewing something from start to finish makes you feel like the coolest pioneer in the wagon train, and even being able to hem dresses or curtains or what have you makes life way easier. For what it's worth I'm a big fan of the Project Runway for Brother sewing machines. They have a lot of features (automatic buttonhole making, for one, because no one is going to hand-sew a buttonhole. It's just not gonna happen) but aren't too crazy intimidating, and you can get great deals on them on Amazon.