Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Quick Fixes

     Since I haven't worked on any exciting projects for a while now (Hey, sometimes you have a creative rut. Sometimes it lasts several months. Whatevs), I thought I'd share some little mini updates. This is the first in what may end up being a recurring feature: Quick Fixes. Sometimes it might be a way to actually fix something, sometimes it may be a quick fix in the sense that I was jonesin' for a craft project but didn't feel like undertaking anything major, so a mini DIY gave me my craft fix. (Fix so does not seem like a word to me anymore.)

     The first quick fix was born out of necessity (real talk: I had to google whether "born" or "borne" was correct here, and ended up taking a 20 question quiz on the difference between the two words and got a perfect score and then I felt like I needed to brag about that, so...thanks for listening). I've had this white button-down shirt for ages, and I've always liked how it fit. Unfortunately, at some point it sustained an ironing injury in the form of these permanently stained-in (scorch? dirty iron?) lines on the left side of the collar. Nothing could be done to remove the stains, so it's not the kind of shirt I could wear to a job interview or anything, but I still really liked the shirt. So I decided to just cover the marks up with...what else? Studs, of course, because I'm predictable. 

Now you can't see the marks on the collar, and embellished collars are so hot right now. Hansel.

Any time is a good time for a Zoolander break. 

     The second quick fix was born wanting something online that I couldn't afford. I kept seeing all this awesome jewelry online that was basically different incarnations of the same idea: a rock/gem/crystal made into jewelry in a simple, kind of rustic way. After a visit to the craft store, here's what I ended up with.

     The rocks came on a string of about six in various colors. Each one already had a hole pierced through at the top, which I shimmied a jump ring through so that I could easily change them out on a chain I already had. Then I just wrapped some gold wire around the top to cover the holes and make the pendants look more ancient, since one of my favorite jewelry styles is "recently excavated." I didn't worry too much about keeping it neatly aligned since, come on, they're rocks. You can only make a rock so fancy. (I hear you thinking, "Hey, diamonds are just rocks and they're pretty fancy!" to which I say, "Ughh, whatever, leamme alone.") I've really been liking the combination of one of these pendants on a long gold chain with a big sweater for a sort of  "I might be a witch on the weekends, but who knows?" look.

      I do have a bigger sewing project coming up that I'm pretty excited to tell you about, but I want to wait until the fabric gets here before I tell you all about it. Yep, it involves specially ordered fabric! Which is basically my way of giving you fair warning: shit's about to get weird. 

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