Thursday, May 3, 2012


I like to think it's not sheer coincidence that right after I posted a rambling diatribe against's thorough but confusing set-up, they changed their site layout and added that beautiful little summary there. I like to imagine someone at the Secret Weather Channel Headquarters hidden inside a dormant volcano (because, obviously) read my post and then activated their headset and said "Captain, we need to make some changes." I don't know who the Captain is. Captain Weather? 

Look at that summary. "Hot." That literally could not be any simpler. "Winds light and variable." Well, it doesn't expressly advise me on clothing choices, but I'll take it.  And it even tells me the moonphase! How convenient for when I'm working my gypsy magic spells! (I don't really do gypsy magic. But it's nice to know that should I pick up the habit, I'd have the proper tools at my disposal.)

And now, I'll never devote another post to the weather again, because this is getting real dorky up in here. 

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