Monday, August 22, 2011

Newwwww hair!

The light-blonde-with-three-inches-of-dark-blonde-roots look was getting a little...out of hand, so today I finally bit the bullet and had my hair professionally colored. Under normal circumstances, this would be the post where I show the big reveal, but I'm gonna wait a little bit first. Why? Because...well, it turned out a bit darker than I had anticipated, so right now it kind of looks like I'm wearing a Snow White wig. Like this: 

Don't get me wrong, it looks about eight bazillion times better, and it feels all healthy and janx (which I'm completely not used to). I have no complaints about the whole experience, especially since my poor hairstylist had to work on making my hair look normal again for two and a half hours. But I'm gonna wait for it to fade a smidge with a few washes before I go documenting it for all eternity on the interwebs.

In the meantime, tomorrow I'm headed back to Richmond to get back to my edu-macation! Weee!

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