Monday, August 29, 2011

Dogs and cats living together....MASS HYSTERIA.

What a week. I couldn't just have a normal first week back in Richmond, nooo. First, I was welcomed back with an earthquake that I thought would collapse my building (It didn't, there are just a lot of new cracks in the walls and ceiling). Then there was Hurricane Flipyershit and the associated panic, which for me and Stephen consisted of hiding in our blanket fort watching Dexter on dvd and emptying the improvised rain barrels (aka a small army of pots, bowls, and mason jars) catching all the leaks from the windows. 

Pictured: Exactly what they DON'T mean when they tell you to seek shelter. All it shelters you from is your fears. 

After all was said and done, Richmond's looking a right mess. Trees down everywhere, broken windows and the like. Mother Nature clearly needs to double-check her calendar, because last time I perused mine, it was still 2011. So all this apocalyptic 2012 hooha is most untimely.

On a brighter note, as of today I've been to all of my classes, and I'm pretty excited about them. It's nice to finally be taking classes that in some way pertain to what I actually want to do with my life, instead of like... Blacksmithing 304: Intermediate Sword-making (Except not really, because if that was a real option, you can bet your buns I'd take it). 

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