Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Ex-Bridesmaid Dress

Every dress I pick up, I kind of fabricate (bit punny, but there it is) a back-story for who wore it and how it ended up in a thrift store to begin with. This one was pretty obvious. 

This picture makes it look like it's weirdly shiny, but it's not. Promise. Wouldna bought it if it was, cause...yeesh.

Very clearly a bridesmaid dress. If it wasn't obvious enough from just looking at it, there's also the fact that there were two clones of it at the store. So...yeah, when I got it, it was a ridiculously ugly Pretty Pretty Princess Dress (contradictory, huh?). 

On the bright side, given that it was a bridesmaid dress, I didn't feel guilty at all about violently attacking it with scissors, because I'm confident someone else wanted to do the same thing. 

But! All I had to do was shorten it and take off the sleeves to end up with a sort of sixties-ish silhouette in the front. And that's all well and good, but you can pretty much imagine what it looks like: the image above, shorter, without sleeves. And on a girl with different colored hair. The fun part though, the whole reason I got this dress in the first place, is the back...

If you look closely, you'll notice my giant wall calendar hasn't been updated since February. I'm on task. 

It scoops low in the back, and has these fun little matching buttons all the way down. Here's a detail shot so you can see the fun-ness.

I wasn't so sold on the sash at first, but decided to keep it in the end because I'm a sucker for bows. 

So, after hacking away at it with scissors for a while, I think this dress ended up looking pretty modern. The back, to me, really looks like something I see all the time on dresses in Urban Outfitters. Except those are always like, 80 bucks, and poorly made. Mine was two dollars. I winnnn!

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