Thursday, March 24, 2011

Necessity is the mother of invention, right?

I'll be honest. A lot of the sewing I do is purely out of necessity. For example, when dressin' maself up all purdy-like today, I picked up this black polka dot (who is surprised) shirt that I've had forever. It was originally a long sleeved turtleneck shirt. The sleeves got shortened a while ago after I ripped a hole in them or something destructive like that, cause that's how I do. I really liked the fit, but that irritated me so.

(This is the part where, if I were clever, I'd have taken a before picture. Alas, I did not.)

So I thought I'd turn it into a boatneck. Only....after cutting it, I realized something, somewhere along the line, had gone terribly awry. I got a little scissor-happy. Part of that whole destructive thing I mentioned earlier. So it was way too low in the front. And then....AND THEN. Then I had a Celine Dion moment and thought I'd just wear it backwards.

It worked out pretty well, because that way I get some nice bazooma coverage in the front...

And show off my back...well, in the back. 

Oh, and please ignore the weird color balance issues that I'm too lazy to fix that make it look like my hair is a different color in every picture.

This was supposed to be a "oh, look at this nice little detail, a bow I stuck on with a safety pin" shot, until I looked reaaaaal closely at it. Now it's a "let me tell you a story about how dumb I am and make you feel better about yourself" picture. I made that bow so carefully, making sure that the ends of the middle part were glued on one side so you wouldn't see them. Then I glued the tails ON THE WRONG SIDE. Hur da dur. I'se real smart.

Oh well. You can't really tell from a distance, and if anyone gets close enough to notice it, I'm pretty sure I'm legally allowed to punch them. 

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