Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday monday monday...

After a long (and exciting! but perilous) weekend, I wake up and say "Ah, Monday. My old arch-foe. I shall defeat you, with the help of my pal...HEALTHY BREAKFAST!" 

Important players: My Superman "America's Hero" mug, to make me feel that I am, indeed....America's Hero, and blueberries. Frozen, but I'll still eat them like candy. Om nom nom. 

I definitely needed it this morning, too. This weekend was NUTS. VCU takes basketball seriously. After Sunday's win, we basically shut down the entire city celebrating on the streets. They had to close Broad Street. 

Yep, people as faaar as the eye can see. 

A bunch of people climbed on top of the news vans, because....well, because people can be kind of stupid sometimes. 

Then, once everyone was on the van...they started jumping off and crowd-surfing. Which, you have to admit, is pretty epic. 

Returning briefly to the theme of "Stupid people doing stupid things," this stupid. And this is a stupid thing to do. Moving on!

One of my favorite moments was when a few people climbed onto the terrace of Johnson Hall and put a Rams t-shirt on the Lady Statue. That's classic college, right there.

After a few hours of celebrating, everyone took a break for food and disco naps (or unabashed you-only-live-once Sunday drinking in some cases), until midnight, when we went to the Siegel Center to welcome back the team.

Which was all great fun, in spite of the "host" chick with a microphone being the worst ever at getting a crowd excited. She kept saying annoying, vaguely inflammatory things, when all you really have to do in that job is yell "VCUUUUUUU!!!!!!" to make everyone happy. 

So we welcomed everyone home, sang Happy Birthday to Brandon Rozzell, and screeched "JOOOEEEEY" at Joey Rodriguez like he's Justin Bieber, and then....

....then I went home and collapsed into my bed at 3 AM going "Oh, bed. I missed you so much today."

Which pretty much brings us full circle to breakfast. Now! Off to punch today's Spanish test in the face! 

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