Sunday, March 27, 2011

The disco dress.

This is the first of the two thrift store dresses I picked up Friday. The sleeves on this puppy, in all their glorious retro majesty, have earned it the title of the Disco Dress. 

(Disco gremlin face/pose. Felt right. I stand by it.)

So, you might notice here BOTTOM HALF IS COMPLETELY SHEER. I did not notice this until I tried it on at home and went "Uh, hey there underwear. Wasn't expecting to see you." You can see even with a slip, here, it's a smidgle ridiculous. SO! To work I went! See what I did after the jump, cause this is gonna get lengthy.

I figured I'd separate the top and bottom to add a lining to the bottom, as well as shorten it without losing the cool layers, then reattach it.

Once I had it apart, though, I decided I liked the top as a shirt and wanted to keep the pieces separate. All I did to the top after that was replace the elastic in the waist and sleeves and fix a hook and eye in the back that was missing it's eye (Looky there, managed to make it sound gross).  

Here's what I ended up with!

Still pretty disco-y, I feel. Florence Welch would pee her pants for this top. And I'm juuust weird enough to wear it. Granted, I'll more likely wear it over a tank top with jeans than in this particular saucy combo. Although...

Moving on! I lined the (sheer, remember... SHEER, I TELLS YA) skirt with the fabric I cut off the bottom of the other dress I'm working on, shortened it at the top, and added an elastic waist. Which left me with this!

I really like the effect the purple over pink created.

Side note: like how I'm super classy, and rather than use a tripod like a normal person, I just sit my camera on something close to the right height and then stand on my bed to get in the shot? I spend a lot of time jumping on my bed anyway, so it's no big thing.

I still have the option of wearing the skirt and shirt together, which looks a little somethin' like this, in case you're curious.

So that's what I did with my day. Seriously, I spent several hours taking the seams out of this thing to replace all the rotten elastic. It was tricky taking all those tiny little stitches (several sets of them, too: someone had clearly done some DIY work on this before I got to it) out of such a delicate fabric without shredding it to ribbons. Especially with my clumsy little paws.   

P.S. I'm writing this ahead of time, so by the time I post it, it won't be relevant anymore, but I have to let everyone know: the show I'm watching right now is called "Marijuana: a Chronic History." Bahahahaha! I die a little. 

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