Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stuff and junk and things...

  1. This morning I was woken up with a puppy and waffles. I am living the dream. 
  2. Tragic moment I had tonight:
    Amanda: "Have they made something that's 3D without having to wear glasses yet?"
    Me: "Yeah, the real world. Although I still have to wear glasses to see it..."
  3. I'm done with season 4 of Dr. Who...and it's the last season available on Netflix Instant. What will I do with my free time now? I'll have to be productive or something. Gross. 
  4. It's less than two weeks until Spring Break! Things I plan on doing: visiting Lewis Ginter again, going to the VMFA to see the Picasso exhibit, and making marshmallows from scratch (I've heard they're a trillion times better than store-bought). 

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