Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Veggies that are actually...tasty? What a world.

I am not a veggie lover. I'm that absolute catastrophe of a human who'll pick the carrots out of a stew or eat around the broccoli in a casserole. I can tolerate raw veggies a little better (dipped in ranch, obviously. What, you thought I was an actual functional grown-up, snacking on organic natural free-range unseasoned broccoli? Nah homes. Drench that shit in man-made sauce that's only even edible by the scantest of standards, then we'll talk), but it's still not something I'm gonna get excited about.

BUT. Since I got all married and settled down and junk, I figured I could stand to work a little more on being a respectable adult. That means making healthy meals a little more often. Gotta balance fun treat-yourself foods with the things that'll actually keep you alive and healthy and not riddled with vitamin deficiencies. Which leads us to a recipe I tried the other day. It was pretty ambitious, you see. It's not your average broccoli with cheese recipe. No no. It is....cauliflower. CAULIFLOWER. Arguably the least sexy of all vegetables. It even looks like broccoli's weird shut-in cousin that had polio as a kid and can't do much now and really lets it define him, you know? 

Hopefully I haven't lost you already, because I swear I'm gonna bring this back around. You know what makes almost everything tastier? Buffalo sauce. Yeah, we're talking buffalo cauliflower. The recipe I used was this one here, which I found on Pinterest. Admittedly, I was mostly making it for Chris. That weirdo likes cauliflower to begin with. So I figured it didn't really matter if I liked it or not, he'd probably eat it and pretend to enjoy it for the sake of my ego. 

But it was actually...good. Really good. Like, "would make it again of my own free will" good. Just look!

If you squint your tastebuds you can almost pretend that's cheese! Just kidding, it doesn't taste like cheese. It looks like it though. These actually taste very, very similar to chicken wings, just with the tiniest bit of cauliflowery taste at the end of each bite. But the flavor is very mild, and the texture is pretty spot on. It was really easy to make, too. Only took about 20 minutes, and even that's because I insist on doing things the difficult way, like chucking all the cauliflower into the batter at once and just mushing it around with my hands in the too-small mixing bowl (the recipe suggests dipping the pieces individually, but that sounded like more than my attention span could handle).

The end verdict? Chris loved it (heard him raving about it on the phone to his brother later that night). I was surprised that I actually liked it. Two thumbs up, would cook again!

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