Wednesday, August 20, 2014

If I call these Vignettes does it sound fancier?

     Basically let's just take a look at some of the weird unexplained crap on my phone and make it weird explained crap. Yeah? Yeah. 

     In case you were curious what I'd look like if I dyed my hair purple, the answer is "an alien hooker from the moon." Glad we could clear that up! Amanda had dug out her purple wig from Halloweens past for some reason, then asked if I wanted to try it on. Girl you know I wanna try on all the wigs. Have we even met? 

     Basically my life in a nutshell. Or my life in a Tumblr error message, as it were. 

     My current favorite Tea Party sign. And by favorite I mean FITS OF BURNING SEETHING RAGE. Like dudes, you can have more than one crisis at a time. Cause we definitely have lots of crises right now. And I'm not even sure this stance is consistent with your party views. Like if you actually go to the website listed on this very sign (I don't know what compelled me to do so -- journalistic integrity, let's call it? -- but it's exactly what you'd expect: a flashback to 1998 before we could do fancy internet things) there's a National Debt counter at the bottom of the page. So clearly they're at least a little concerned about debt. So I'm not sure how they're determining the threshold for when exactly something becomes a threat, here. Oh and don't worry, I wasn't driving when I took this picture, I was stopped waiting for a train to go through off to the right. 

     Hey, surprise, I still excel at getting videogame cars stuck in places that no one else could get stuck in even if they were trying! The best part is that you'd think I was driving up the stairs and got stuck on the corner, but nope. Fell from the sky and just nestled right in there after driving over another car and getting some big air.

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