Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Curiouser and curiouser...

    So the theme for Evie's nursery is... Alice in Wonderland! Jen and Jason figured that she should get a similarly literary nursery to keep the bookish theme going from one nursery to the next, and Jen has always loved Alice in Wonderland, so it was a natural choice for them. But they wanted to keep it classic, not Disney, and ended up with a very classy, subtle take on what could be a crazy over-the-top theme. Let's peruse! 

     My mom made these curtains from scratch when shopping around didn't turn up any inspiring options. The Alice in Wonderland clock on the wall was ordered online, but it doesn't actually keep time, so I don't think I'd recommend wherever it was bought from even if I knew. 

     Jen's had this old chair since college, and the pillow is hand-made, again by my very talented mom, from a fabric panel and leftover scraps from the curtains. The baby blanket on the back of the chair was crocheted by Amanda, because GOD WHY IS EVERYONE I KNOW SO DAMN TALENTED, and the rug is from Target.

     More amazing custom things! My parents collaborated on this tea party chandelier. It was originally just your standard builder-installed light fixture, but my mom painted it green, added some crystal trip to the top, and hunted around various thrift stores for teacups and saucers, then my dad drilled holes in them so they could be attached to the lamp. 

     Are you getting tired of "oh, it's custom" yet? My dad made that picture frame after we saw one in a store that was similarly shaped but cost well over a hundred dollars. 

     I guess technically this isn't directly thematic, but it was cute and Jen liked it when she saw it at Hobby Lobby (can you tell we like to shop there for home stuff?), so once it was painted the room's main colors, up it went. 

     Finally, this cute little detail. This lightswitch cover is from Etsy, and it's just a tiny little thing that adds a ton of personality.

     I don't know the names of the paint colors in this room, but the walls are a creamy warm beige and the ceiling is a classic baby pink that reflects softly onto the walls in a really dreamy way! 

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