Monday, May 26, 2014

Yellowcake Uranium.

     Cool, now that I'm moving up on a couple government watchlists, let me show you the cake I made for my brother-in-law's birthday over the weekend, which is like the real-life word puzzle version of that title. 

     For it is a cake. That is yellow. And radioactive. Well, not really. But then everything is a little radioactive. Anyway, I whipped this baby up real quicklike by frosting my usual white cake with yellow cream cheese frosting, then using a stencil to add the symbol for radioactivity on top with black sprinkles. It got a little outside the edges, but hey, maybe it's disintegrating in the midst of a nuclear meltdown. Who knows. Run with the theme. Oh, and I guess it's not entirely just my regular white cake, because obviously I had to make it nuclear-waste green on the inside. It just felt right. 

Evie is making that forlorn face because she BADLY wanted some. Like, crawled across the table with her tongue hanging out wanted some. 

     I'm kind of hoping we'll all develop radiation-induced superpowers, but failing that, at least it was super delicious. 


  1. funny on so many levels

  2. That cake looks AMAZING! Kudos to you Jacki