Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Failure: I'm a wreck edition!

     Oh hey, so I thought of another unfavorite to add to Wednesday's list: I'm sick. Again. I don't know what my immune system even does all day, because it's apparently not doing it's job. I started feeling horrible late Tuesday night, felt a little better Wednesday, then spent today (Thursday when I'm writing this) with a fever that's making me feel like somebody broke all my bones and rotisseried my skin (and you know I'm pretty freaking angry to feel like I have a full-body sunburn when I DIDN'T EVEN GO IN THE SUN WTF BIOLOGY THIS IS UNFAIR). 101.1 for much of the day, then it broke for a little while, but right now it's back up to 100.5 and I'm handling it super well. 

As a side note, I get super irritated with my phone constantly telling me my internet is unstable. YES THANK YOU I KNOW I LIVE HERE. 

     Ok so maybe not. Maybe I'm tinging a wee bit dramatic. Maybe I tried to make my bed today, got tired halfway through, then laid there watching The Proposal for like 45 minutes on just a sheet. I do what I must to carry on. 

     Ugh. I'm off to coat my achy joints in Icy Hot and try to force myself to sleeeep sleeeep sleeeep so I can hopefully wake up and feel a lot better in the morning. I mean, the hopefully is that I'll feel better. I'm most likely gonna wake up. Well this got dark fast. 

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