Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Quick Fixes: Annie get your glue-gun.

     You know how sometimes you'll just be going about your day when you notice Just a tiny little thing that isn't quite right about your house or your life or whatever, and you think, "Oh well, it's not that big of a deal," but then you can't get it out of your head and suddenly it's been like a month and you've been slowly simmering up a nice rage stew that's about to boil over because OKAY SERIOUSLY LET'S JUST FIX THE DAMN THING. You know that feeling, right? Well, this bedskirt was one of those things for me.

     Do you see it? Do you see what was worming it's way through my brain, slowly driving me to madness? It's one of those bedskirts that just has elastic at the top, so you can wrap it around your boxspring instead of putting it between the boxspring and the mattress. Which is a cool idea and all, but my bed has a little tray thing with slats across, so I can't use it that way. So I thought it would work just fine if I wrapped it around the wooden frame on the long side of the bed, then tucked it inside at the foot of the bed, so it hangs inside the frame, unimpeded by slats. Genius! Except not! Because that meant it slipped all over the place and was never hanging right. So I added some velcro dots to the skirt and the frame, and they worked for about a minute before the adhesive on the velcro dots gave out. SOOOO I took the hot glue gun to it and attached them more...permanently (MUAHAHAHA. I dunno. Felt right). Now they hold the bedskirt in place and at the right height and all that good jazzy stuff. But then. BUT THEN.

     The corners. The corners didn't lay right because they're switching from outside the frame to inside on one continuous piece of fabric, if that makes sense (does it? It can be so hard to step outside my own brain sometimes). SOSOSO. The solution here was just a simple slit at the corners to allow the bedskirt to switch over from outside to inside the frame more... seamlessly. And if you're wondering why I set that up like it was a pun, it's because it's totally a pun. I didn't do any seams. (Ba dum tssss). Instead I took the glue gun to it again, just folding a tiny bit over on each cut edge and gluing in a little hem to keep them from fraying/avoid ugly raw edges.

     Are you ready to see the infinitesimally small difference that had a huge impact on my sanity? Ok, here we go. Ta-daaaa.

     I feel like this really shouldn't be so gratifying to me, because normal people probably wouldn't even notice it (I mean, I'm guessing. I don't actually know any normal people, I don't think), but like I said. It was one of those THINGS.

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