Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Footnote (Oh my God this pun): My feet are made of disco!

Just a quick note for you on this lovely Friday: LOOK HOW SHINY MY SHOES ARE. 

And also how blindingly white my feet are. I am the moon.

     I stayed home while my mom and Amanda went out shopping yesterday because I was feeling kind of "blerghhhh," like I wanted to stay home and run around my Animal Crossing town scaring away all the fish that the villagers I don't like are trying to catch (I'm real dangerous when I'm in a mood) and when they came home they had bought these spaaaarkly Keds for me. They found them at Kohls on super duper clearance and felt like I needed them in my life, because obviously. And it did cheer me up a good deal. It's hard to be cranky when your feet are this spangly. 

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