Monday, February 10, 2014

No thank you, I don't have a house. I'm just here to looky-loo.

     Yesterday we went to the Home and Garden show in Richmond! Obviously I don't have a place of my own to buy windows and countertops and junk for, but my parents always like to look at new ideas for their house, and Jen and Jason are looking at moving, so they'll likely be doing some upgrading soon as well. Me and Amanda just went along to look at pretty kitchens and pick which doorknobs we like best and so on. I snapped a few hasty cell-phone pictures so if nothing else, I can prove I was there. Never know when you'll need an alibi! Just kidding, I don't know what I took that to a dark place. Anyway, check it out. 

     This was a booth for a company that refinishes countertops, bathtubs, sinks and the like. As Jen put it when she spotted this demo, "Oooh, that's compelling." 

     I was quite smitten with this little corner. Those glass-front cabinets, the lighted inside, even the blue mason jars and teapots they had grouped up top; I wanted this corner to be in my pretend house.


     A nice display of some hardscaping. That fountain is what I'd put in my yard if I woke up and realized I was a fancy noble lady or something. 

     One of my favorite parts, because I have low standards for what I consider a good time: looking at this big ol' wall of drawer pulls and picking favorites. I liked the antiqued floral-y ones in the bottom right rectangle, but check out the RHINESTONE handles in the top left. Can you even imagine having those in your kitchen? All the little spaces would be crusted with bread dough and peanut butter within a week if I was around. But they sure are pretty for...people who don't cook in their kitchens, I guess?

Anyway, it was super fun to look at stuff and dream about what I'll do with my own house some day. They also give out free candy at like half the booths, so double win for the day!

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