Monday, December 30, 2013

Hello Cake-Kitty!

     This weekend I was commissioned to make a special birthday cake -- one that was not only shaped like a kitty face, but had a surprise inside. Because I like to do things all backwards and nutsy, let's start with the surprise inside: what looks like your average everyday cake is a rainbow explosion inside! 

     I placed the sides opposite one another when I layered them so when it gets cut open it will be a color explosion. The reason I didn't swirl them more for a tie-dyed effect is mainly just that I'd never done a tie-dyed cake before, and I worried about the colors getting muddy. I wanted them to stay super neon!

     And now for the outside! It looks like...this! 

     Bear in mind that it also had whiskers that were formed from uncooked spaghetti noodles dipped in chocolate, but I didn't want to install them ahead of time for fear that the moisture of the cake would turn the noodles soggy and weird and sad. The ears and nose/mouth region were made from a third batch of cake that I cooked into a sheet to cut from and layer. The eyes are chocolate discs, the eyebrows, melted chocolate piped onto waxed paper and set, and the nose, tongue, ears, and bow are all pink buttercream. The buttercream fur was definitely the hardest part, but only because of how much time it took; in terms of actual skill it was still not difficult. And I can attest to the tastiness of the whole shebang thanks to having leftovers from the sheet cake the ears and mouth were made from. Mmm, mm. 

     Not a bad way to spend a Sunday! 

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