Monday, November 25, 2013

Welcome to the internet, here's a cat picture.

     The past few days have gone by so fast! They've been the kind of day where you get up early, then do THINGS THINGS THINGS and when you stop to take a breath and sit down for a second, suddenly it's bedtime. So I haven't really had time to think about doing any crafting or writing anything or even drawing a quick little picture for this here blog. Instead I offer you the cutest picture I have of Big Bessie. I don't think I've posted it before (I might be wrong, but hey, if I am, let's just relive a classic). I was working on editing a manuscript and she kept stealing my post-it notes, so I gave her one that expressed  her feelings more accurately. It says "plz to b feeding now," which I suspect is the only thing Bessie would ever say if she could actually talk. I also enjoy how small Bessie looks in this picture. It's just the angle, she was never actually any smaller than she is now, but a flattering picture is a flattering picture.

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