Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday favorites!

     It's that time again! Time to round up some of the things that have been making my life more enjoyable recently! No time to waste, let's get right to it. 

1. Food: Dove Chocolate Covered Almonds
     I bought these the other day because I'm on a healthier-eating kick and wanted some sort of small chocolate morsels to keep around for when I just want a bite or two of something sweet. Are you laughing yet, do you see the joke I played upon myself? A bite or two, haha. As if. They're gone now. That's why I don't have a picture to accompany this. They're seriously amazing. 

2. Game: Borderlands
     Jen got me re-hooked on Borderlands, and I realized I had never even finished the storyline the last time I was playing it frequently. Obviously I had to remedy this, both for closure's sake and for the achievements (I live for videogame achievements; they negate the feeling of wasting time playing games, because hey, it says right there that I achieved something today). 

3. Material possession: This cheap knockoff perfume spray. 

    First let's get the obvious out of the way: this is the most embarrassingly early '90s packaging of any product currently being sold. But how could I resist? "If you like Obsession, you'll love Confess!" It's like the Netflix recommendation system for your schnostrils. I love that they called it Confess, too. Like they were sitting around in a marketing meeting and someone pointed out "Hey, if these creeps are buying something called Obsession they've probably also got some shit they could stand to Confess, am I right? Like stalking, maybe?" And I do like Obsession, but only after I've been wearing it for a little while. I hate the way it smells when I first spray it. This stuff smells the way Obsession does after it's had a chance to mellow out a bit. AND it was $2.97, making it kind of an obvious choice. I'm still going to wear my Calvin Klein Obsession on days when I want to feel like I have a little self respect (because every time I pick up that pastel aerosol can up there, a little bit of my tiny stores of class erodes away), but if I'm just going to be hanging around wallowing in self-pity and I want to smell nice, totally reaching for the cheapie knockoff.

4. Random thing that amuses the hell out of me: This Tank Top

     Not gonna lie, this shirt instantly made me think of one particular person, but it could also be useful for those days when every creep I pass seems to have something super charming (uh-oh, check out the sarcasm meter -- buried the needle!) to say and it makes me want to rain down blood and vengeance upon the world. I may be ordering this soon.

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