Friday, May 24, 2013

Three Things You May Not Know About Me

....based on some of the weird things I found on my phone. 

1.  I'm super easily amused. OK, so most of you probably knew that one already, especially if you know me in person and you're familiar with my tendency to start giggling at seemingly random intervals when I see/hear/think of/remember something vaguely amusing. For instance, I laugh every time I think about this video of Sophie wearing (3 out of 4) socks. You can also tell from the shaking that I'm silently chortling the whole time I'm filming it. 

2. I come by my artistic abilities naturally. This is a note that my dad left on the counter one morning. I'm not really sure what's happening in the picture -- feels vaguely like a threat?-- but such is the nature of impressionism I suppose. 

Hulk need vitamin c!

I dabble in the field of post-it note art as well. Here's a note I left one day to propose the idea of putting sweaters on all our cats because it would be adorable (the motion failed). 

3. I'm quite the climber. I'm like Bran from Game of Thrones, or any of the assassins from Assassin's Creed: I see a tall thing, and I want to be at the top of it. It's true of real life (I've always loved climbing to the top of rock piles at Massanutten or abandoned buildings on Belle Isle), but it's most obvious in videogames, where if you leave me to my own doings for any period of time, you're going to come back and find me at the top of a water tower or a church steeple. It's just how I roll. This was pretty much the best day of my gaming life; the day my climbing greatness was finally acknowledged and rewarded. 

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